Affordable, Effective, Biodegradable…and Easy!

What is the nature of the decontamination product we use?

The product we use is inherently biodegradable, 3-part decontamination, disinfectant and deodorizing formula that includes ordinary household substances such as those found in hair conditioner and laundry detergent. It penetrates a microorganism’s outer coating and adds oxygen bonds to the protein chains of the DNA, destroying the microorganism. It is effective even in the presence of organic load, making the decontamination process quick and easy.

How can the decontamination product be applied?

As a liquid, fog or foam. A minimum wet contact time of 10 minutes is required, followed by a water rinse and wipe down. When using the product as a fog, the size of the room, level of contamination and number of surfaces will effect application time. After fogging a building or room, allow at least 8 hours before reentry. Follow label instructions for mixing, application and disposal. Follow local, state and federal agency guidelines for disposal of unused product and empty containers.

Has our decontamination product been tested?

Yes. It has been tested and proven effective in over ten years of US Military and third party laboratory testing. Blend-specific testing performed includes blend testing, product safety testing, material compatibility testing, biodegradability testing, shelf life testing, dermal and inhalation testing, EPA panel testing and Government life agent testing.

Is our decontamination product EPA registered?

Yes. Since our product destroys organic substances, it is technically categorized as a pesticide, and thus requires EPA registration for sale in the United States.

Is it safe to use our decontamination product on skin?

No, it is a skin and mucus membrane irritant, and is not approved nor appropriate for use on skin. Follow first aid instructions on label if skin contact occurs.

How do you know if decontamination is complete?

The only way to determine that a contamination is neutralized is to conduct sampling operations. This procedure should be conducted by personnel trained in sampling techniques. A certified laboratory must analyze biological samples to verify results.

What are the benefits of using our decontamination product compared to other formulas?

Our product is more versatile and effective against a wider range of microorganisms than other commercially available products. It contains surfactants that allow it to reach and encapsulate contamination in pores and hard-to-reach places. The fact that it is an oxidizer as well set it apart, as microorganisms such as mold spores cannot develop resistance against an oxidizer. Most commercial disinfectants target 1 or 2 substances, while our product has been independently tested against a wide array of bacteria, viruses and molds.